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Course Description

This is a "warm-up" course (45 mins) that quickly guides you through the fundamentals of building a three statement model (using five primary steps).

Don't let the simplicity fool you: the methodology laid out here is the exact same model architecture I use to build massive FP&A and Private Equity models.

This is a perfect on-ramp to the more sophisticated courses on the website.

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    5 Simple Steps to a 3 Statement Model

    • Download Template Here

    • The 5 Steps

    • Model Walkthrough

    • Income Statement Forecast

    • Building the Statement of Cash Flows

    • Working Capital Forecast

    • Capital Expenditure Forecast (& Depr)

    • Debt Schedule

    • Link it All Together

    • Look at an Advanced 3 Statement Model

    • Before You Go...

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