Email Template to Request Funding for Financial Modeling Education

SUBJECT LINE: [Insert Your Boss Name Here], I'd like to purchase Financial Modeling Education


Hi [Insert Your Boss Here],

I'd like to purchase Financial Modeling Education to further improve my modeling skills.

It’s the ONLY on-demand course and collection of Excel templates specifically created to help middle-market finance professionals.

It will help us:

  • Create accurate models in less time
  • Clearly communicate our recommendations
  • Improve the structure of our models.

I’ve heard amazing things about Financial Modeling Education and love that it includes actionable ideas and Excel templates I can implement right away. 

After I consume the materials, I'd be happy to share my takeaways with you and start refining strategies based on what I learn.

Financial Modeling Education is a $399 investment and has been featured by the Wharton Online Private Equity Certificate Program, Wall Street Prep, and LinkedIn Learning.

You can learn more about it and see all the strong reviews for it here:

With your permission, I’d like to purchase this as soon as possible. 

Thank you for your consideration.

[Insert Your Name Here]